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ElectroMagnetic Imaging Technology
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Training Consulting
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Training Services

Many hardware and software queries can be answered by EMIT staff over the phone. However, for more intensive personalised training, we can organise one-on-one training sessions either at your workplace or at our office in Midland. Alternatively, customised sessions for your acquisition or interpretation groups can be held at your organisation using your data.

SMARTem and Atlantis Training

Do you know why your data looks strange?
Don't want to have to repeat that survey?

Our specialised training sessions can include:

  • Advice on data handling
  • Use of Agent99 software for EM, MMR and IP data
  • Interrogation and QC of raw and final data
  • Understanding and reducing noise
  • Understanding and removing spurious responses
  • Editing decays and data files
  • Calculating primary field response
  • Process DHEM in vertical drill holes

Maxwell Training

EMIT Workshop Schedule and Booking Form 2021 (Maxwell and CSIRO)
EMIT Workshop Agenda - 1-day Maxwell
EMIT Workshop Agenda - 1-day CSIRO

Maxwell training sessions can be tailored to first time users or to those familiar with the software but with specific requests. Sessions can include:

  • Import/export data
  • Edit and QC data
  • Updating data and system parameters
  • Predefined system parameters
  • Translate and replace coordinates
  • Gridding data and column math
  • Templates for generating profile, plan-view and image plots
  • Airborne database to reduce processing time
  • 5 minute thin plate modelling
  • Selective inversion
  • Planning drill holes
  • Layered earth modelling using AMIRA suite, including apparent resistivity processing for defining seed models
  • CDI processing using Fullagar EMAX software
  • Synthetic (forward) modelling and primary field plots to determine viability of survey method and survey design
  • Incorporating geological information
  • Exporting interpreted models for geologists and engineers
  • Viewing data in 3D and at multiple view points
  • Using channel response vectors