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ElectroMagnetic Imaging Technology
SMARTem24 SMARTx4 Transmitter DigiAtlantis Maxwell CSIRO Interface SMART Fluxgate
Training Consulting
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Consulting Services

Modelling, Design and Interpretation Services

ElectroMagnetic Imaging Technology Pty Ltd is pleased to offer electrical geophysical consulting services.

  • Pre-survey EM simulation (forward modelling)
  • EM Survey design
  • EM Data interpretation and drill targeting
  • Training in Atlantis and SMARTem field procedures
  • Maxwell training (thin plate modelling and layered earth)
  • CSIRO suite, Fullagar EMAX
  • Advice on data handling, data interrogation and processing
  • QC and interpretation of targeting drill holes

In order to provide our clients with the most comprehensive results, we would require as much relevant information as possible. As a minimum, this would likely include:

  • Drill hole, surface and/or airborne platform
  • System measurement parameter (dB/dt, 3-C B Field, Total B Field, E)
  • Host rock geological and petrophysical information (conductivities, depths, variability)
  • Survey positioning information (grid directions / E, N, RL / line & station spacing / depth, dip, azimuth)
  • Transmitter waveform and geometry
  • Target parameters (geometry, location / depth, conductivity)

Deliverables we typically provide include:

  • Brief report on work undertaken
  • Data profile plots
  • Digital Maxwell modelling project
  • Interpreted plates exported to Surpac, Geosoft, Arcview or DXF format files for inclusion into client's visualisation software
  • Coordinates and details of targeting drill holes

Surveying Services

Survey services can be provided by Absolute Geophysics Pty Ltd. Absolute is a Joint Venture between ElectroMagnetic Imaging Technology and Gap Geophysics.

For more information, visit the Absolute website.